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Reseller Partner Program

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Join us with our Reseller Program. As a reseller partner, you will be able to resell IP-guard to businesses of any size. By combining our efforts and expertise in our industry, we can create the best IPv4 and IPv6 solutions to our clients.
We are excited to learn more about your company and find innovative ways to assist your clients in succeeding. Fill out the reseller application form below. We will contact you regarding your application as soon as possible.

LeaseIPx Reseller Partner Program

LeaseIPx has developed a strong global channel program called Reseller Partner Program. This simple program ensures that together we are able to deliver a reliable IP solution to our customers by relying on a flexible structure, delivered with a collaborative approach. We understand that you have many technology options, and it is with that understanding that we developed the Reseller Partner Program, which allows you to quickly deliver IP solutions to your customers while rewarding you as a trusted partner.
Together we can deliver superior outcomes to our customers and solve all their IPv4 and IPv6 issues. Partnering with LeaseIPx will increase potential for innovations while boosting productivity.

Empower Your Business With our Reseller Partner Program

Explore all the features of our IP’s Reseller program that help your earn great profits


You may choose the products, define your selling pricing, and profit margins using our platform.


Our Reseller Partner program helps you earn additional revenue with best market services. Choose from a variety of partnership options.

Support Your

Our business strategy will help you expand your consumer base, boost revenue, and strengthen existing connections.


Our slab based pricing structure for all TLDs increases margins on high sales.

24x7 Expert

Feel free to get in touch with our product specialists at any time of the day, week, or year.

Easy Client

Easy-to-use inbuilt customer billing & invoicing engine guarantees that our customers will never get an inaccurate bill from us.

Fully automated

Start your own IP reselling business with the help of a fully automated system. Completely white label product in stock.


Our experts assist our partners through diagnosing and solving all product and service issues.

How to apply

We developed LeaseIPx partnership programs with a goal to offer IP addresses for all. Our mission is to build a sustainable Internet, and we seek to reduce the global IPv4 shortage by making sure that all unused IPs are utilized.
Dormant IPs can help scale businesses around the world while creating easy revenue for their owners. If you believe in our mission and wish to join our partnership program, join us today.


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