LIR Services

At LeaseIPx, we understand that Navigating the RIPE landscape can be quite an intimidating and time-consuming task. It is your responsibility as an LIR to be current on the many RIPE policies and procedures that are subject to frequent updates. To help you in managing all of this, our Managed LIR services are designed to give your organisation all the benefits of RIPE membership, and at the same time, ease your mind by handling all the technical and organisational details. LeaseIPx is the One-Stop-Shop to Lease IP Address and ASN Registration.

LIR Services


Members of the RIPE NCC and Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) can avail this service. If you are an LIR and don’t know how to produce RPKI records or manage your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets in the RIPE database, or if you don’t have the time or staff to create assignments on time, we can help. To save you time, we handle a vast pool of internet number resources and provide LIE support, generate over 15000 items in the RIPE Database on a daily routine. We offer 24×7 support, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

New LIR Setup

The following are some of the advantages offered by our new LIR setup service for organisations interested in becoming LIRs:

Consultation to understand and decide the optimal strategy

High standard preparation and submission of RIPE LIR application to reduce the possibility of rejection

Application for IPv4 (/24), IPv6 (/29) and one ASN

Resource transfer application under your own LIR (if your organisation currently holds these); Note: Transfers on purchase of IP resources from other organisations is not included.

Managed LIR Service

LeaseIPx’s Managed LIR Service offers maintenance package for existing LIRs (or these who we helped with the LIR setup) and comes with the following benefits: This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

Relationship management with RIPE

Ongoing RIPE whois database administration

Assistance in application for new resource and transfers, also when purchasing from other organisations

Compliance with RIPE policies and procedures

RIPE audit assistance

LIR Registration Services at Best Prices

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ASN Registration


ASN Registration


ASN Registration


ASN Registration


ASN Registration


ASN Registration


What is BGP? GET Complete Guide to Border Gateway Protocol delivered to your Inbox for FREE

    What is BGP? GET Complete Guide to Border
    Gateway Protocol delivered to your Inbox for FREE


      LIR with global routing and global geolocation.

      Easy Pricing

      Contract free monthly subscription with no price hikes and no hidden charges.

      Secure + Direct

      Bypass 3rd party brokers by ordering directly from us.

      All Inclusive

      Free Route Objects, RPKI (non-legacy only), Whois, DNS delegation included.


      What is the Initial Consultation?

      The ASN Registration procedure is lengthy and entails communication between your company, ours, and RIPE. Beginning with the Initial Consultation, we collect the necessary data for the ASN Registration with RIPE.
      A few pieces of data we’ll need from you are:
      Your RIPE Person, Organization, or Maintainer objects. Your RIPE Person/ORG/Maintainer objects along with the IP space that will be advertised using new ASN. We’ll also require peering information for your BGP peering partners.
      We simplify the procedure by providing advice on RIPE object generation, IP Space, and Peering Partner needs.

      What documents will be required for the ASN registration?

      In accordance with RIPE policy, your company must sign the “Assignment Request and Maintenance Contract” before we can begin working on your ASN application.
      To further verify your identity, we need to see your company’s incorporation papers, a government-issued ID card, or, in the case of an individual, a passport.
      Valid company registration documents are:
      Certificate of Incorporation;
      Recent (no older than three (3) months) business register prints.
      If your documents are older than three (3) months, you will additionally need to present a Certificate of Good Standing for the company provided by the local authorities.
      If your company’s official documents are not issued in English, a certified translation may be required by RIPE. For EU-based companies, this isn’t typically required. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

      How long does it take to have the ASN registered?

      Getting an ASN from RIPE typically takes two business days. The clock will start ticking after we’ve sent in the ASN Request to RIPE on your behalf.
      However, before we submit your ASN request to RIPE, we must acquire all of the necessary papers (such as the firm registration certificate, signed RIPE Sponsorship Agreement, and payment of the fee).
      The entire procedure typically takes around a week to complete.

      Can we get still get a 16-bit ASN Number?

      Currently, RIPE only assigns 32-bit ASNs, but LIR SERVICES can apply for a 16-bit ASN on your behalf provided you provide sufficient explanation.
      Your organisation’s or your upstream provider’s use of network equipment that does not support 32-bit ASNs is an example of a valid explanation.

      What is the minimum IP address space that we require for the ASN Registration?

      Organisations seeking an ASN Number from RIPE must currently possess either a /24 of IPv4 address space or a /48 of IPv6 address space.
      We also provide IP Address Lease for businesses who do not now have their own IP address space.
      We also offer a /48 IPv6 PA subnet with your ASN registration if that works better for you. As long as we continue to support your ASN, use of this subnet is free.

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        “Partner with a company that cares about your clients as much as you do”

        “Partner with a company that cares about your clients as much as you do”