How to Avoid IP Address being Blacklisted?

IP Address being Blacklisted
IP Address being Blacklisted

Without proper protections in place, your email infrastructure is vulnerable to virus attacks from spammers. As a result, IP address being blacklisted. After going to the trouble of obtaining a certain IP Address, its owner naturally does not want to see that address go on a blacklist. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to provide advice that will keep your IP address from being blacklisted.

Tips to avoid your IP address from getting blacklisted

1. Set a strong password

You need to have a strong password for better protection. To strengthen your password, keep these thing in mind:

  • Use  Uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Use special characters.
  • Include numbers in your password.
  • Don’t use the same password for anything else.
  • Avoid adding personal information to your password.

2. Avoiding any malicious or illegal activities

Make sure that no one is using the network to do activities like scanning for and exploiting weaknesses in other people’s networks, guessing passwords, trying to access other people’s servers without their permission, or conducting denial-of-service attacks.

3. Authentic PTR Record

The name in your PTR record must be correct and correspond to the name of your domain or mail server.

4. SPF Record

To counter spoofing, you must first create the SPF record. Using this function, you can check the sender’s address of incoming mail. 

5. IP Shield Configuration

To allow emails from your internal domain to be accepted, you must modify the IP Shield to allow sending from authorised senders.

6. SMTP Screening Enablement

In order to prevent connections from IP addresses that have not been authorised, this function can be enabled. By activating this option, you can better protect your website.

7. Signing with DKIM

DKIM prevents hackers from accessing user email accounts without permission. Sign in exclusively with DKIM to prevent security issues.

8. Reliable Hosts & IPs

Only the IPs and hosts that you’ve verified as trustworthy should appear in the Trusted IPs and Trusted Hosts lists. 

9. Blocking outbound links on port number 25

Your system should only permit outbound connections on port 25 to be sent from the spam filter or the mail server. Allow this through your firewall by configuring it properly.

10. Firewall Configuration

Any computer on your network that is suspected of relaying emails must be easily identified using the protocols in place. Install a firewall and monitor all outbound traffic from port 25 on all of your computers.

11. Static IP

Make sure your mail server uses a Static IP address, as opposed to a dynamic one. If there is a power outage and the connection is restored, the IP Address will have changed in the case of a dynamic IP. However, the DNS records still point to your old IP address.


Most people and businesses depend on the Internet. Our global community is increasingly dependent on digital technologies. Most Internet traffic is harmless, but some is malevolent, such as malware dissemination, cyber assaults, DDoS, copyrighted material sharing, and other illegal or dangerous actions. 

Following these guidelines can help you guarantee:

  • The server is not relaying emails.
  • Your entire communication via mail is encrypted.
  • You have a fully authorized user base.ip