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LeaseIpx is offering IP brokerage services to help you buy IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and handle the complete process. Our primary goal is to provide a more streamlined path for clients and owners to utilise IP. LeaseIpx offers IPv4 address and IPv6 address at the best price.

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LeaseIPx marketplace lets users buy IPv4 address at market prices. Purchasing IPv4 address from LeaseIPx can enhance your network security, improve network management and is an investment in a sought-after network commodity. You can also buy IPv6 address with ease from LeaseIPx for best performance. As stated in this article, you can browse your selection of available deals on smartphones and top brands and explore the cell phone service plans that best suit your needs.

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Marketplace Overview

Mask Subnet Monthly Price IP Monthly price Offer
$60,000 - $70,000
$60,000 /IP
$20,000 - $30,000
$20,000 /IP
$10,000 - $20,000
$10,000 /IP
$6,000 - $70,00
$6,000 /IP
$3,600 - $4,000
$3,600 /IP
$1,800 - $2,300
$1,800 /IP
$900 -$1,200
$900 /IP
$450 - $700
$450 /IP
$230 - $250

Flexible Pricing

As the market leader, we can offer flexible pricing. Choose a plan that fits your needs.


  • $0.50/IP + $12.75/GB
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  • $0.50/IP + $11.25/GB
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  • for Enterprise
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  • $0.50/IP + $12.75/GB
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  • $0.50/IP + $11.25/GB
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  • for Enterprise
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Why partner with LeaseIPx to buy IPv4?

Buying IPv4 addresses is a technically complex process, so it’s best to work with a broker who specialises in this area. LeaseIPx is the go-to authority when you need to buy or sell IP address because of our extensive industry knowledge. We are the industry leaders in IPv4 address acquisition and IPv4 transfers, so you can count on us to get you connected with any block type your business requires. You can buy IPv4 addresses from us with confidence knowing that we are global leaders.

What are the guidelines for an IP address?

The decimal point is represented by four digits spaced by three dots. The allowed range for each digit is between 0 and 255. That’s the range of a byte of data, or eight bits. IP addresses are split into two parts: the network address and the host address.

Do people sell IP addresses?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address could not be purchased or sold in the begining. Although sales and purchases have been legal since 2010, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) claims that this was simply a case of one organisation trading IP addresses with another.

Where can I buy IPv4 address space?

The best place to buy IPv4 address is LeaseIPx. You can buy, sell or lease all IPv4 and IPv6 address from LeaseIPx to get best performance.

Can I buy an IPv4 address

LeaseIPx is here to assist you in acquiring IP address space. Due to their scarcity, IPv4 addresses are currently only available for use by Regional Internet Registries, and even then, only through the process of trading or transferring (RIRs).

“Partner with a company that cares about your clients as much as you do”

“Partner with a company that cares about your clients as much as you do”